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Credentialing Solutions

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Practice Solutions skillfully navigates the complexities of healthcare credentialing as a valued partner to your practice. We provide a framework that implements industry best practices that accurately and efficiently credential and re-credential your healthcare providers. You’re immediately assigned an expert who knows the payers and understands the actions necessary to get each provider successfully credentialed. Our service includes regular updates throughout the process. Trust Practice Solutions to:

Provider Data Collection

Our team members are experts in the health insurance enrollment & credentialing process requirements. Efficient data collection is paramount in ensuring every enrollment is correct to expedite successful and quick completion.

Enrollment into CAQH

Let us manage your Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) application to get your providers credentialed with individual payers. Our team will enter and maintain your information for each selected organization.

Applications and Recredentialing

Lastly, upon completion of your data collection, our team will prepare and submit the required applications to the appropriate payer organizations. We’ll manage all payer communications, and follow up with you to keep you appraised of the status.

Simplify Provider Credentialing with Practice Solutions

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